Q. Are these videos/audios medical advice?
A. No. The content of the videos are for your information so you can increase your awareness what depression is and identify when help is needed. Watch the videos and then you decide to see or not see a medical professional. Do you know the difference between depression and sadness? Watch the videos and find out.

Q. Is this a Self-Help Course?
A. No! These video’s are designed so you recognize what depression is and when to seek help. Their purpose is for you to understand what depression is, how to spot, and what they next steps are. Also, there are literally hundreds of books, videos, training seminars, etc. that go into the nitty gritty details.

Q. If Depression awareness is so important why aren’t you giving it away free?
A. Over the 26+ years I’ve been in business I’ve found that if someone is not willing to pay a nominal investment then they will pay little or no attention to what they are getting. $4.95 for an eye opening discussion on depression is not that much.

Q. Can I copy these to my computer
A. No, just click on the videos to watch. You can download the companion book and the audio files.

Q. Can I resell the series?
A. No. Watch as many times as you would like, download the PDF file, the audio files and Mind Map but do not resell this seriees.

Q. What is your return Policy?
A. This series is NOT returnable. After you watch the videos and read or download the book I have no way for you to return them unused or unwatched.